Why Choose Us?

No matter which Dr. Shadi Alshaikh Dental Care practice you visit, you will always be assured the same high level of dental care and treatment. This is because each of our practices share the same values when it comes to providing:

1. Choice of  Affordable Private Dentistry

Everything we do is based on providing affordable private dental care that you and your family can rely on at all times. With private dentistry, we will always provide you with a treatment plan, with a comprehensive choice of treatment options, so that you can always find the right treatment option for you based on your individual requirements and budget.

2. Quality Dental Care to help you Smile with Confidence

Whether you are looking for Routine Dentistry (in the form of a dental check-up and a visit to one of our hygienists) to maintain a happy and healthy smile, or Cosmetic Dentistry (in the form of all-ceramic crowns and teeth whitening) to transform the look of your smile – then we’re here to help.

The dentists and hygienists within each of our practices are hand-picked based on their breadth of qualifications and experience. We always aim to provide dental care of the highest quality and to ensure each of our individual patients benefit from healthy gums, fresh breath and a confident smile.

3. Excellence in Patient Care

We have one key philosophy – to treat our patients as individuals and not as numbers. Going to the dentist should be a positive experience, and so at Dr. Shadi Alshaikh Dental Care we do our upmost to ensure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your visit. With a friendly and caring approach, our team always have the time to discuss any concerns and questions you may have.

4. Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is of upmost importance here at Dr. Shadi Alshaikh Dental Care and it is central to the relationship of trust between us and our patients.

Meet the Team

Our customers trust is always our number one priority


Shadi Alshaikh

Founder & CEO

MUST graduate 2011
Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgeon at
Royal Medical Services
Brand Ambassador Oral-B


Shadi Alshaikh


Members of our cosmetic team of specialists

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If you would like any further information about Facial Aesthetics, or you would like to request an appointment with a member of our highly experienced team, please get in touch with us by contacting our friendly reception at your nearest practice.