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We are big supporters in participating in technology to ensure you have comfortable visits while reaching your oral health goals. We are following Vison of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad to make health sector more secure and advance with the help of latest technology use.

Here is the brief intro of some of the technologies we use to give you an unmatchable experience of comfort and accuracy:


Dr. Shadi is one of few general dentists in UAE offering microscopic dentistry in combination with services such as general, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments. At Dr. Shadi Alshaikh Dental Clinic, Dr. Shadi and his team stand by their work and are honoured to treat patients with the level of care they deserve.

Over the years, we make every effort to continue improving our services so that each of our patients can experience better dental care.


Microscopes provide close-up images of the patient’s dental structures. They are strong enough to amplify the gums, teeth, and oral tissue up to 20 times. This innovative form of dentistry is remarkably successful when trying to detect very minor dental imperfections or hairline fractures at the earliest stages possible. The result is more moderate treatment!


The fundamental value of highest magnification in regards of dentistry (such as when performing root canal therapy, treating periodontal disease, or even carrying out surgical procedures) has been known for years. By tracking down even the tiniest signs of tooth decay or injury, treatments are overall more efficient, and the patient has less risk of

developing more extensive concerns down the road too. A surgical dental microscope can also reveal unbelievably valuable information during initial examinations, which improves the staying power of preventive care.


One of the most important traits in treating an infected root canal is to wipe out any signs of remaining infection, bacteria, or debris before filling the empty space with a strong material. Because of its enhanced abilities in magnification, microscopic dentistry boosts a dentist’s capability to efficiently clean the root canal and protect it from future decay or infection. As with any treatment, however, maintaining a good dental hygiene routine by brushing and flossing twice daily is still advised.


We offer panoramic x-rays and cone-beam 3D imaging in the comfort of our Jumeirah branch.  3D imaging is a comparatively new advancement that allows dentists to see detailed, three dimensional images of your teeth, as well as the bones and soft tissues that surround them.

3D images can be helpful in many treatments such as:

  • Accurate placement of implants
  • Determining of a root canal
  • Planning for extractions, especially of impacted teeth
  • Fractures

For convenience of dental clients, establishment of more accurate analysis and more qualitative cure, Our Clinic makes X-ray, 3D scans (CBCT) and Panoramic images for its own dental clinics ‘clients. The Orthophos XG 3D features safety, precision, high imaging quality, minimized X-ray exposure, which is proportional to the radiated body volume. Our dentists protect not only the dental tissues, but also an overall health of a client by choosing minimal orthopantomogram jaw segments and radiation.

An X-ray scan is made in a few seconds. Like standard digital dental X-rays, it is saved in a computer database, therefore, it is easily available and used when needed. This helps dentist to better and more easily assess the treatment course and results. Upon request of a client, panoramic scan is provided in USB flash drive.

The 3D scan makes around 200-500 pictures (layers), which allows to see and evaluate tissue properties, changes and choose the best treatment much more accurately. 3D scans and software are highly compatible, which allows to digitally design future dental crown and implant location, produce surgical implant guide, accurately screw implants in an optimal position for crowns and make crowns on them.

The most innovative procedure, modern technologies and tools which are used more significantly in our clinic allow providing to the clients more qualitative and reliable dental services by increasing a quality of dentistry services and price ratio.


If you have a dental question or are curious to learn more about how we can help you improve your dental health, give us a call! We look forward to helping make each of our patients live better. Dental care is vital, we go out of our way to diagnose small issues before they become large or expensive problems. To get to know our team, ask questions, or schedule your appointment, call us today. We look forward to meeting you.

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Copyright 2020 by Drshadysh. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 by Drshadysh. All rights reserved.